Thursday, February 9, 2012

One Piece 655 & 656

Well the Straw Hats have landed on their first New World island, "Punk Hazard". My first guess about this island is obvious, it must have something to do with Dr. Vegapunk. An old abandoned research facility, perhaps?

I am really loving Oda and his Robin and Nami fan service. Oh my. First Nami in the bath then a sweating, stripping Robin? Good grief.

Luffy and co. encounter a dragon and promptly cut its head off. Then encounter the lower half of what appears to be a samurai and Luffy promptly invites him to join the crew. Typical Luffy.

Also the half-samurai mentions that a Shichibukai is present on the island too.

The rest of the crew on the Sunny get gassed and kidnapped, except for Brook who the kidnappers assumed was dead. The kidnappers appear to work for Punk Hazard.

So far in this arc we have 4 different faction as far as I can tell.
  • Straw Hats
  • Punk Hazard workers
  • Shichibukai
  • Samurai
Add to that the inevitable appearance of Smoker and this arc is shaping up to be pretty epic.

My guess is that the Shichibukai is Trafalgar Law. How else could you explain the samurai being cut in half and still being alive?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lack of updates

Sorry for the shabby rate of updates I've been posting. My adsense account was approved for review 5 weeks ago and still has not been fully approved. They said it would take 4 days.

Oh well, I'll have a big One Piece based update on Wednesday since it will be covering 2 chapters.

Also, I still want to get in the TERA beta :(

Monday, January 30, 2012


Today BETA invites for the MMO Tera are supposed to be going out. I signed up and have my fingers crossed. Anyone that gets in please drop me a line because I have a lot of questions about the NA release of the game.

Return from Hiatus

I've been in the hospital for a while battling a DVT (blood clot). Apparently I have a blood disorder that makes me prone to getting blood clots. It sucks but I'm OK now.

There has been at least two new chapters of One Piece since I updated last. First and foremost, SMOKER is back! Smoker is definitely one of my favorite Marines and I'd very much like his rivalry with Luffy to take off from now on. Their fights in the past have pretty much consisted of Luffy running away from him. Now that Luffy can actually hit him, I suspect the running is over.

Sadly, the Straw Hats were "warp zoned" away from Smoker. Oh well.

The place where the Straw Hats surfaced is interesting. It looks similar to the location the "Mad Monk" Urouge was last seen. I'm very curious to see what Oda has in store for us in the New World.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A True Heir to X-Com?

According to this, there is a true successor to X-Com being made by Firaxis! The same guys that made Civilization 5. I fucking love this news! Civilization 5 is a game I'm sunk over 400 hours into.

Anyway, X-Com was a truly awesome game. I spent many hours playing it as a kid and I believe its gameplay would hold up today. Hopefully Firaxis doesn't change too much and only adds to the original formula and, of course, updates the graphics.

Holy crap I'm excited! I hope this comes out soon, but I want Firaxis to get this perfect. I'm so tired of the garbage-quality of games these days. Maybe developers are learning that fans are good to them if they are good to the fans.

Game Informer Cover

No One Piece this week

I am very sad. One Piece was off for ANOTHER week this week. That really sucks.

I am very excited for the arc that's about to start. Fishman Island was nice but I want to see the Straw Hats fight some more powerful enemies. Hodi Jones and gang just weren't tough enough.

Big Mom looks like a very interesting character. I can't wait to see what surprises Oda has in store for us!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Mafia Addiction

I started playing this Starcraft 2 custom game called "Mafia" and GOD DAMN, I can not stop playing it! This game is so addictive and fun.

It's basically a party game. I think it started out as a game that you play IRL with a group of 10 or so people.

The game consists of 12-15 people and some of those people, usually three, are Mafia. The rest of the people are Town or Neutral. Mafia's objective is to kill all of the Town. Town's objective is to lynch or otherwise kill all the Mafia members. Neutrals have various objectives which I will go into later.

There are many roles in the game for each faction. For example, Town has Doctors, Sheriffs, Investigators, Jailors and many other roles. Mafia has the Godfather, Framer, Blackmailer, etc. These roles are chosen at the beginning of the game. Some roles are randomized so you're not exactly sure what roles people actually have in the game. No one knows what role anybody else is, except the Mafia.

The game has a day/night cycle. During the Day you can talk to all the other people in the game. You can also decide on who you want to vote for to lynch. If a person gets enough votes, they go on trial. During the trial the person on the stand can defend themselves verbally. Usually by revealing their actual roles or giving information that other people may know to be correct. If the majority decides to lynch someone then that person is killed and it goes to Night. If there is no consensus on who to put on trial, the day will end when time has run out.

During the Night, people can carry out their roles abilities. Mafia's Godfather, for example, can choose to kill one person every night. The Blackmailer can choose one person to silence for the entire next day. The Town roles like Sheriff can check one person each night to see if they are Mafia, or Town. The Doctor can heal one person and if that person would have otherwise died that night, they won't.

Then there is the Neutrals. The Neutrals include: Serial Killer, Arsonist, Witch, Survivor, Amnesiac, Jester, Cultist, and Executioner. They all have different goals. The Serial Killer is the most common Neutral role and their goal is to be last person alive. The Serial Killer has the ability to kill one person every night, and he can kill Mafia or Town.

This game is so fun. Sometimes you die on the first night which sucks, but if you live to the end you need to be smart because everyone lies in this game. As Town you need to figure out who is lying and who is not, which can be very hard. But if you have enough evidence to support your case all you can do is trust yourself and your own judgement.

Anyway, I wrote way more than I intended too. If you have SC2 and want to play Mafia, my name on BNet is Spetsnaz. See you there!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

NDAA, the end of America as we know it

The NDAA has passed and the media won't cover it at all. We're officially living in tyranny. It's a sad day for America. Fortunately, Americans aren't letting it bother them. My family is going on like it's business as usual. My friends the same. I've really had it.

Glenn Greenwald has an amazing article up:

Glenn very succinctly says everything I wished I could think of when talking to my dad (an Obama supporter).